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Children’s jaws and palate may grow too narrow during their developmental years. This can create problems with the development of their primary and adult teeth. Without sufficient space to grow in, their permanent teeth may grow misaligned. At OrthoStyle Orthodontics we fabricate custom-made orthodontic expanders to help jaws and mouth structures develop properly, allowing adult teeth to grow straight and beautiful.

Poway Orthodontic Expanders And How They Save Your Child’s Smile

Poway Orthodontic Expanders are dental appliances that apply specific pressure to points in your child’s oral cavity. This pressure encourages expanding your child’s jaw and palate to address areas that are developed improperly. These appliances adjust the shape of your child’s palate so that risks of misalignment from the insufficient room are reduced or eliminated.

These appliances are most effective during your child’s oral cavity developmental stages. For this reason, the American Association of Orthodontics encourages parents to have their child undergo an orthodontic assessment at seven years of age. At this age, the child’s development has advanced far enough for potential problems to become apparent. However, it will still be early enough to address these changes before they have lasting consequences.

Poway Orthodontic expanders may be required to correct the following concerns:

Poway Crowding – When your child’s teeth have shown signs of crowding before eruption. This can help reduce the need for future costly orthodontic care and dental extractions.

Poway Crossbite – When the upper jaw is too narrow and upper teeth are positioned inside the lower teeth , an orthodontic expander can help adjust the bite, so they fit together correctly.

Poway Impacted Teeth – When an adult tooth is not able to erupt due to the presence of other teeth, they may become impacted. Widening the jaw can help save the adult tooth by opening space for it to erupt properly.

Poway Orthodontic expanders are specifically fitted to the current shape of your child’s mouth. Within the device is a small screw that adjusts the width of the expander. You will use a special key to turn this screw causing it to expand by less than a millimeter at each turn. You will continue to do this as directed by Dr. Mina Katchooi until the desired results are achieved. This will be identified as part of regularly scheduled follow-ups where Dr. Mina Katchooi will measure your child’s oral cavity to determine the current progress.

Why Get Orthodontic Expanders With Orthostyle

Poway Orthodontic expanders provide numerous benefits to your child’s oral health development. Using these devices, Dr. Mina Katchooi can reduce the complications that could happen in orthodontic care later in life. This can reduce the need to extract healthy teeth, surgical procedures required to access impacted teeth and the need for jaw surgery.  The adjustment can provide more room for adult teeth to arrive. Brushing and flossing are more effective when the teeth and jaws are properly aligned. Orthodontic expansion can also improve your child’s ability to breathe, eat, and chew normally. While your child may need some time to adapt to the presence of the expander, the results can make a huge impact on your child’s dental and overall health. Contact our office today to get more information about orthodontic expanders and how they can help your child over a lifetime.

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