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At OrthoStyle Orthodontics, we are dedicated to ensuring you get the quality dental care you deserve. As a family-orientated practice, we offer Poway adult orthodontic treatment to help our patients recover from teeth and jaw misalignments and improve their oral health. 

How Poway Adult Orthodontic Treatment Works at OrthoStyle

Getting Poway orthodontic treatment can improve your oral health, reduce the risk of dental problems, and help you feel more confident about your appearance. However, there are factors to consider before undergoing adult orthodontic treatment.

Adults Face More Challenges With Tooth Alignment in Comparison to Children, Including: 

Fully-Developed Jawbone: Compared to children and teenagers, adults have a completely developed jawbone. When the jaw is misaligned, it can cause issues with tooth movement and lead to a longer healing process.

Periodontal Concerns: Adults are more prone to develop gum tissue diseases and recession of the gum tissue while teeth move. This needs to be closely monitored.

Temporomandibular Joint Disorder: Some adults may also face a higher risk of TMD during orthodontic treatment, as TMD can develop from insufficient jaw alignment.

While orthodontic treatment for adults can be more involved, it can be accomplished. At Orthostyle, we gladly offer various treatment options to suit our patient’s needs.

These treatments include: 

Poway Clear Aligners: Aligners such as Invisalign and our in-house aligners are popular for adults with mild cases of misalignment. They’re considered a safe option for adults who have previously had orthodontic treatment during childhood but didn’t complete their treatment.

Poway Clear/Ceramic Braces: Ceramic or clear braces are made of porcelain materials and are a popular aesthetic choice for adults. At our practice, we work with the 3M Clarity Bracket, which includes a safety feature that removes the bracket if it’s ever broken or fractured.

Poway Traditional Metal Braces: As the standard, they’re highly recommended for adults with moderate cases of malocclusion. Our metal braces are made with high-quality stainless steel, and we offer personalized elastic band colors to make your braces as unique as you are!

Poway Plastic or Ceramic Retainers: Retainers are highly recommended for adults who have completed their initial orthodontic treatment, as they can help maintain your results and prevent the onset of root resorption.

Poway Orthognathic Surgery: In cases where the patient’s severe misalignments can be performed to help reposition the jawbone and correct signs of malocclusion.

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