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We love serving the people of Ramona and helping them achieve their properly aligned smile goals. Whether that means traditional metal braces to treat a complex orthodontic problem or low-profile clear aligners to treat something simpler, we can help. We also help patients who are in the retention phase of their treatment. Check this map if you need directions to our Ramona location. 

If you aren’t sure which type of braces is best for your situation, we’re happy to help you find out at an initial consultation. We will determine what kind of treatment your smile will need. Traditional braces with metal wires and brackets can treat a much wider array of orthodontic issues, but many patients are good candidates for treatment with clear aligners.

We understand that orthodontic emergencies can happen unexpectedly, and when they do, we’re here to provide prompt and effective care. Whether it’s a broken wire, a loose bracket, or any other orthodontic issue causing discomfort, our experienced team is ready to address your concerns. Don’t let unexpected problems derail your progress towards a beautiful smile. Contact OrthoStyle in Ramona for emergency orthodontic treatment, and we’ll ensure you receive the care you need to keep your orthodontic journey on track. Your comfort and smile are our top priorities.


Directions to Our Practice

If you aren’t familiar with our location in Ramona, we can help using a notable starting point in town as a reference. For anyone coming to us from the direction of the Ramona Library, get onto Main Street heading southwest. Stay on it as it winds out of town as CA 67. You’ll stay on that for nearly 9 miles. Then turn right onto Poway Rd. Turn right again onto Espola Rd, then left onto Twin Peaks Rd. Follow a couple more bends, then turn right onto Pomerado Rd. Just after you pass St Michael’s School on the left, turn right into Monte Vista Rd. Right when that street starts to curve, turn left into our parking lot. We look forward to seeing you!


Ramona History

Long before Ramona became a charming town, it was inhabited by the Kumeyaay Nation of Native Americans. Evidence of their presence, such as rock paintings and grinding stones, showcases the area’s historical roots. During Mexican governance, Rancho Valle de Pamo dominated the Santa Maria Valley, laying the foundation for Ramona. 

In 1886, the town officially adopted the name Ramona, inspired by Helen Hunt Jackson’s novel. The Ramona Town Hall, built in 1894, remains a historical gem, reflecting the town’s architectural legacy. Today, Ramona stands as a testament to its vibrant history, with landmarks like the Verlaque house and the iconic Town Hall preserving its cultural heritage.

The 1960s marked a significant era for Ramona as boxer Archie Moore established the renowned “Salt Mine” training camp, where boxing legends George Foreman and Muhammad Ali honed their skills. Moore’s dedication mirrored the hard work in a salt mine, earning his camp its fitting name. The Salt Mine Training Camp, nestled at the foot of Mt. Woodson, became a hub for rigorous training, featuring a boxing ring, a sweatbox, and expansive trails for road work. 

Notably, on Mother’s Day in 1973, Ramona hosted the famed tennis match where Bobby Riggs triumphed over Margaret Court, a moment etched in sports history. However, Ramona also faced challenges, notably the devastating Cedar Fire of 2003 and the Witch Fire in 2007. Despite adversity, Ramona emerged resilient, and in 2006, the region earned distinction as the 162nd American Viticultural Area, highlighting its unique microclimate, elevation, and soil characteristics conducive to wine cultivation.


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