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In-house Clear Aligners

At OrthoStyle Orthodontics, we work with the latest technologies and digital systems to handle even the most challenging orthodontic cases. To care for our patients, we proudly offer in-house aligners to help you achieve a straighter smile. 

The Benefits of Our In-House Aligners vs. Popular Brands

As a new option for those seeking to correct mild cases of misalignment, our in-house aligners can gently reposition the teeth over time and apply consistent pressure to the teeth. Most of all, in-house aligners can offer you better advantages for care over popular brands such as Invisalign, including: 

In-House Aligners Poway |

Poway Lower Treatment Costs: Our in-house aligners offer a lower treatment cost for patients due to our access to 3D-printed technology and other equipment.

Easy Replacements: If you ever lose or break your aligners, our team can easily replace them due to our access to intraoral scanners, 3D printers, and our digital impression systems available at our practice.

Poway No Waiting Process: Because we manufacture our aligners at OrthoStyle, you do not have to wait for your new set of aligners to arrive, and it provides us with greater control over your treatment.

Poway Better Quality Assurance: By selectively choosing our materials, we can fabricate your in-house aligners with the same quality as name brands such as Invisalign and Spark.

Poway Personal and Customized: Most of all, your aligner treatment is completely customized to your needs, and we can easily adjust your aligners.

Poway Hybrid Treatment: Your entire orthodontic treatment can be fully customized. At Orthostyle we can offer you a combination of braces and aligners based on your specific needs and requests. This means we have the capability of accelerating your treatment by designing the most efficient movements. We can utilize the best properties of each treatment tool to achieve the fastest and most efficient results.

We stay relevant by keeping up with the latest advancements to help us diagnose and treat our patients with unsurpassed orthodontic care. Here’s what’s involved in how we manufacture our in-house aligners:

Digital X-Rays: Our digital x-ray system can closely inspect your teeth and provide straightforward advice during your consultation for in-house aligners and other treatments we provide to our patients.

Itero Digital Impression System: Through the Itero intraoral scanner system, we can capture the structure of your teeth and incorporate the results into your treatment.

3D Printers: Our 3D printers allow us to print and fabricate aligners in our office. The fabrication can be done as soon as the same day or next day. Our in-house laboratory set up helps us reduce the processing time and create a very efficient and accurate design and fabrication method.

We are committed to providing family-friendly orthodontic care, and if you’re considering options for clear aligners, we can provide a range of options for your dental needs. From your first appointment to the last, we will keep you informed through every step and provide you with quality Poway orthodontic treatments to keep your teeth clean and aligned.

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Dr. Mina Katchooi prioritizes treating both simple and complex cases of misalignment. As an orthodontist and dentofacial orthopedist, she will ensure the best quality care to help correct your condition and help bring out a happier smile. 

At Orthostyle, we are committed to family-friendly orthodontic care. We work with the latest technologies and operate entirely through digital systems to help correct problems with tooth movement and give your smile the care it needs most. We serve Poway, CA, and the greater San Diego area. For more information, contact OrthoStyle today to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mina Katchooi and see the difference in our care.

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