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At OrthoStyle, we’re passionate about helping patients in Rancho Bernardo achieve their dream of a perfectly aligned smile. Whether your needs are complex, requiring the precision of traditional metal braces, or you’re looking for a more discreet solution like clear aligners for simpler adjustments, we’re here to guide you. Our expertise extends to supporting patients in the crucial retention phase of their treatment. If you need directions to our practice in Poway, a helpful map is available for your convenience.

Unsure about the best orthodontic solution for you? Our initial consultation is designed to uncover the perfect treatment plan tailored to your unique smile. While traditional braces are versatile in addressing a wide range of orthodontic challenges, many of our patients find success with the subtlety of clear aligners.

Orthodontic emergencies are often unforeseen and can be distressing. At OrthoStyle, we’re committed to providing immediate and effective relief for any urgent orthodontic issues, such as broken wires or loose brackets, ensuring that nothing interrupts your journey to achieving a stunning smile. In the face of any discomfort or unexpected problem, reach out to OrthoStyle for emergency care. We prioritize your comfort and the health of your smile, ensuring your orthodontic treatment remains on course.


Directions to Our Practice

If you’ve never been to our practice before, a good starting landmark in Rancho Bernardo is the Sony building. From there, get onto Via Del Campo heading south. Turn right onto Bernardo Dr and follow the curve around to the intersection with Bernardo Center Dr. Turn left there and continue beyond the freeway underpass, then turn right onto Bernardo Heights Pkwy. Drive past a few neighborhoods, then turn right onto Pomerado Rd. After a few blocks, you’ll turn right again onto Monte Vista Rd, then watch for us coming up on your left before the road starts to curve.


The History of the Rancho Bernardo Community

The land that Rancho Bernardo occupies today is steeped in rich history, tracing back to times long before modern development. This history is categorized into an early period before around 900 BCE and a later period that spans from approximately 850 CE to 1790 CE. It is believed that the area was once inhabited by the Kumeyaay people, also historically known as Diegueno/Ipai, with significant influence from the Luiseño peoples as well. 

A noteworthy settlement from the late period, the Westwood Valley complex, was situated along an ephemeral stream, known to the Kumeyaay as Sinyau-Pichkara. This site, enveloped by what is now the western part of Rancho Bernardo near Duenda and Poblado Roads, showcases the area’s deep-rooted indigenous heritage.

Rancho Bernardo’s more recent history began with the Rancho San Bernardo Mexican land grant, awarded between 1842 and 1845. By the 1960s, this once remote area was annexed by the city of San Diego and underwent significant development spearheaded by AVCO Community Developers until 1984. The Rancho Bernardo Inn, a central landmark, welcomed its first guests in 1963, marking the beginning of Rancho Bernardo as a thriving community.

The area’s resilience was tested on October 22, 2007, when the Witch Creek Fire ravaged through Rancho Bernardo and other parts of San Diego County. Fueled by Santa Ana winds, the fire destroyed numerous homes and entire neighborhoods, particularly challenging areas for firefighters due to the rugged terrain. The Trails, Montelena, and Westwood neighborhoods bore the brunt of the devastation in Rancho Bernardo. Despite this, the community’s spirit and strength led to recovery and rebuilding, symbolizing the enduring resilience of Rancho Bernardo’s people and their connection to this historic and evolving landscape.

Top image by Wikimedia user Balintawak used under Creative Commons Attribution-Sharealike 4.0 license. Image cropped and modified from original.

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