Airway Orthodontics Poway

Airway Orthodontics Poway CA

At OrthoStyle Orthodontics, we believe that a healthy airway is a foundation for optimal dental health. Poway Airway obstructions caused by misalignment signal poor growth and development, and we believe that by addressing the causes firsthand, we can improve your smile and general health.

How Airway, Breathing, and Malocclusion Can Affect Your Life

Extensive research over the last decade has shown that crooked, crowded, and underdeveloped bite positions can signal breathing problems in children and young adults.

Normal, well-developed airways allow typical nose breathing with the mouth closed. Nasal breathing helps our bodies absorb oxygen and prevent bacteria growth, which profoundly affects the whole body. Poway Airway obstructions from breathing disorders, craniofacial deformities, and malocclusion can pose long-term consequences to many growing children, including:

Chronic Mouth Breathing: Mouth breathing, especially in children, can progressively worsen in children who have disruptions in the maxillary and mandibular arches, which can affect craniofacial growth.

Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Signs of misalignment can greatly contribute to obstructive sleep apnea later in life, where the soft palate can close the airways and prevent normal airflow during sleep.

Bruxism or Tooth-Grinding: During sleep, the rested mouth position can cause tooth-grinding in to attempt to compensate for breathing difficulties, leading to tooth structure loss and tooth pain.

Dry Mouth: Dry mouth can occur from mouth breathing impacted by misaligned teeth, which decreases the necessary saliva production needed to prevent decay and periodontal disease.

Speech and Swallowing Problems: Alongside chronic mouth breathing and bruxism, any misalignments in the mouth can also impact speech and swallowing for children and adults and further contribute to airway dysfunction.

As dentists, we understand our prominent role in managing airway development in children and adults. Our treatment approach works by correcting problematic orthodontic conditions beforehand to improve breathing and promote healthy growth. Dr. Mina Katchooi can provide a variety of orthodontic treatments to correct breathing problems, including:

Palatal Expanders: Palate expanders can be used to adjust the mouth palate by applying gentle pressure along the upper molars and are considered an excellent solution for preventing misalignment.

In-House Aligners: Aligners can be used as a preventative measure for children and young adults facing early warning signs of misalignment and can be used to prevent breathing problems later in life.

Orthodontic Surgery: Orthodontic surgery can correct severe jawbone abnormalities and malocclusion cases in adults who experience breathing difficulties.

We welcome you to visit our practice, as we specialize in providing families with the orthodontic care they need most to prevent airway and breathing problems in the future.

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