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OrthoStyle Orthodontics knows that sometimes what you need is a treatment that’s effective, reliable, and time-tested. While the world of orthodontics now offers a variety of Poway orthodontic treatment options, Poway metal braces often remain the correct answer.

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First invented in 1819, traditional metal braces have been a standard of orthodontic care for over 200 years. Ongoing innovation has led to notable advances in their design and function, leading them to retain their position as a trusted method of correcting orthodontic concerns.

This orthodontic appliance is secured to the teeth with small brackets holding thin wires known as archwires. As we adjust the wires shapes and size, the teeth move to a more straight position. The pressure applied by the archwire, combined with small elastic bands, adjusts the position of your teeth gradually. The time required for an adjustment varies from patient to patient, but 18-24 months is the general average.

Poway Metal braces are composed of three essential components:

Brackets – The brackets are formed out of high-quality stainless steel, providing the durability required to survive any length of treatment.

Archwires – Archwires are made out of a special material that is heat responsive. At various stages warmth of your oral cavity activates the metal used in its manufacture, causing it to change shape. This change causes the archwires to provide the necessary pressure to complete the orthodontic adjustment.

Elastics – These bands are essential during the phase of Poway orthodontic treatment where your bite is being corrected.

When you’ve reached the decision to receive metal braces, Dr. Mina Katchooi will prepare you for your orthodontic treatment. The process for applying Poway orthodontic braces is fairly straightforward. 

A typical example of preparing for orthodontic care includes the following steps:

Treatment Design – During this stage, we discuss specifics of your orthodontic treatment. This usually starts with pictures, x-rays and digital impressions being taken of your teeth using our digital imaging system. Dr. Mina Katchooi will discuss treatment options, risks and benefits of various options with you after thoroughly examining your initial diagnostic records.

Bracket Placement – Your teeth will be professionally cleaned and conditioned to provide the best surface for securing the brackets. The brackets will be secured using dental cement to fix them in the necessary positions for treatment. Dr. Mina Katchooi spends a lot of time and attention on this critical stage of your treatment.

Wire Placement and adjustments – Now that the brackets have been placed, the archwire will be inserted and cut to length, and shaped as appropriate for your care. Dr. Mina makes necessary adjustments to the archwires as you move forward in treatment. Completion of your orthodontic treatment will require follow-up appointments. These appointments will assess the progress being made and determine if any adjustments are required.

Achieve A Beautiful Smile With The Orthostyle Team

Orthostyle is dedicated to ensuring our patients achieve the smile they’ve always dreamed of. As part of receiving your braces, you’ll be instructed on how to properly care for them. This will include a list of dietary restrictions and hygiene steps specific to living with braces Poway. If you’re prepared to start your orthodontic journey, reach out to our office to schedule your consultation with Dr. Katchooi today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Poway Braces are one of the most reliable orthodontic appliances available to patients who wish to realign their teeth. Traditional metal braces are also appliances that rely on the durability of medical-grade stainless steel to provide an unparalleled experience in durability and effectiveness.

No. Getting braces installed shouldn’t hurt at all, not to mention that you shouldn’t feel pain during your orthodontic treatment. Any patient undergoing Poway orthodontic treatment, though, should expect some degree of discomfort as a natural result of their treatment because metal braces will gradually move teeth into a new position by slowly dissolving the bone tissue at the base of the tooth.

The first thing you should expect when you get braces is some increased tooth sensitivity and mild discomfort. You should also know that patients have to pay much more attention to their dental hygiene as part of their continuous care and prevent tooth decay. Finally, all patients should expect some changes to their dietary habits as part of their dental care. Don’t worry though, as your Poway orthodontist will tell you exactly what to do.

Usually, patients who get braces will have to wear them for several months. On average, treatment will last 18 to 24 months, but you should take this with a grain of salt. Everyone’s circumstances make calculating treatment length a tricky thing, and we will only be able to provide you with a better estimate once you come for an initial consultation.

Yes. Even though you should already brush your teeth at least twice a day now, it’s essential you brush your teeth after every meal once you begin wearing braces, and this includes snack times.

Yes. Please stay in touch with your family dentist to continue getting proper dental care. You should coordinate with them to get your dental cleanings and general revisions every six months or as often as they recommend depending on your specific case.

Our Poway orthodontic office is always open to receive phone calls from patients who want to start their treatment with us. Please, give us a call or look for the “set an appointment” button on our page to find a time that best works for you and set an initial consultation to start your treatment.

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